Flags: Signal Flags

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Signal Flags

They can be used to spell out short messages or used to convey special meanings when used individually or together.

Flags are screenprinted using the PERMANENT disperse dye print system.

Signal Flags
Type: Outdoor
Material: 100% SABS Polyester Fabric
Size: 60 x 40cm and 180 x 120cm

Meanings of International Maritime Signal Flags

A - Diver below (when stationary); I am undergoing a speed trial
C - (affirmative)
E - I am altering my course to starboard
H - I have a pilot on board
J - I am going to send a message by semaphore
L - you should stop, I have something important to communicate
N - no (negative)
P - the Blue Peter - all aboard, vessel is about to proceed sea. (At sea) your lights are out or burning badly
R - the way is off my ship. You may feel you way past me
T - do not pass ahead of me
V - I require assistance (not distress)
X - stop carrying out your intentions and watch for my signals
Z - to be used to address or call shore stations